Data Security Policy

SpamWall Data Security Policy

SpamWall takes data security very seriously

Our data security and privacy policies and procedures are among the most stringent and comprehensive in the industry. At SpamWall our goal is to maintain the highest levels of data security possible. SpamWall has taken all reasonable measures to ensure that appropriate physical, technical and organizational measures in line with applicable industry standard practices and international regulations on privacy, data protection and data disposal are in place to protect against unauthorized access to all sensitive systems and client data.

Your data will be physically secure

The SpamWall NYC data center is a windowless security hardened facility which is manned by on-site technical and security personnel on a 24/7/365 basis. To ensure physical security all entry and exit points are under constant video surveillance with electronically logged key card access required to enter the data center at all times to ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed to access the facility. Critical network equipment and associated services are protected against unauthorized access by secure authentication protocols in association with the latest security devices and firewalls.

Your data will be technologically secure

No protocol, encryption, or other similar measures can provide complete security for electronic data however SpamWall is committed to the implementation and on going maintenance of the highest industry standard data security and protection practices. SpamWall protects our customer data using the latest technologies and processes including advanced proprietary intrusion detection and protection systems. We also maintain a comprehensive vulnerability management program to protect against unauthorized access to all sensitive systems and client data as well as identify and eliminate potential security threats and intrusions.

Your data will be in secure hands

The solutions offered by SpamWall are delivered and supported by highly skilled hosting professionals who are experts in their field. SpamWall maintains strict internal access control policies which ensure that only our highest level technical staff who have been employed for more than 5 years have access to sensitive systems and client data. Our comprehensive information security program also mandates that access to all client data, servers and systems is on a "need to know" only basis. Client servers and associated systems and data are generally only accessed by SpamWall staff on the request of the client such as to carry out technical support related tasks or to investigate possible cases of abuse or intrusion reported or detected by one of of our systems. All employees and sub-contractors are background checked and required to sign non-disclosure agreements and are trained in the proper use of computer security systems and on the importance of maintaining policies and procedures that prevent unauthorized physical and electronic access to sensitive customer data.

Your data will be protected by secure policies

Our privacy policy ensures the security and privacy of any data that you provide to or host with us. No customer data can be accessed by any third party without the customer's express permission. SpamWall will not disclose, provide or surrender client data to any other party except in cases where such action is explicitly required by law such as by a court order or subpoena.

SpamWall complies with applicable data privacy and protection legislation requirements taking all reasonable efforts to satisfy prevailing industry data security compliance standards as well as applicable privacy legislation and other globally recognized standards that provide frameworks for secure handling and management of client systems and associated data.

If you have questions or recommendations regarding our Data Security Policy please send your questions or suggestions by mail or e-mail to:

SpamWall Systems
3-1750 The Queensway, Suite 1254
Toronto M9C 5H5 Canada
+1 416 352 5836

Changes to this Policy

This Policy may be amended from time to time to ensure the protection of sensitive systems and client data as well as compliance with relevant data security and privacy legislation. Appropriate public notice will be given concerning such amendments.

Effective Date: September 17 2018


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