Spam Filtering Solutions

Spam Filtering Solutions

Complete Spam, Virus, Malware & Ransomware protection.

Solutions that include all the features of Barracuda, Appriver, Spamhero, Proofpoint, SpamAssassin, Mimecast, SpamExperts, Spambrella, ZeroSpam, CudaMail, Roaring Penguin, MX Guarddog, EveryCloud, MailRoute, Spamhaus, OrangeAssassin, Mailscanner, Mailchannels, Solar Winds Mail Assure, Solar Winds MSP Spam Filtering, Hornetsecurity, MailCleaner, Sophos, GFI Spam Filtering, Securence, Mailwasher, Tangent, FireEye, RackSpace Spam Filtering, DuoCircle Spam Filtering, Comodo Spam Filtering, Symantec Email Security, LuxSci Spam Filtering, SonicWall, Webroot and others.

Full support for all mail servers including Microsoft Exchange 2016, Microsoft Exchange 2013, Microsoft Exchange 2010, Microsoft Exchange 2003, Roundcube, Squirrelmail, Horde, Fusemail, MailGuard, MailEnable, Plesk, IceWarp, Ipswitch IMail, Exim, Postfix, Qmail, Sendmail, Axigen, Citadel, Courier, Gordano, CommuniGate, HMailServer, Lotus Domino, Kerio Connect, Mailtraq, MDaemon, Open-Xchange, Scalix, WinGate, Cyrus, Dovcot, Gordano Messaging Suite, Lotus Domino and others.

Anti spam for msps

Anti spam for resellers

Anti spam service

Antispam for hosting

Antispam for msps

Appriver alternative

Barracuda alternative cloud based

Barracuda alternative per domain

Barracuda replacement

Barracuda update

Block outgoing spam

Cloud email filter

Cloud spam filter

Cloud spam filtering

Corporate spam filter

Cpanel spam filter

Cpanelwhm spam filter

Email gateway spam filter

Email server anti spam

Email server spam blocker

Exchange anti spam

Exchange antispam

Exchange email security

Exchange server spam filter

Exchange smarthost

Exchange smtp relay

Exchange spam filter

Exchange spam filtering

Hosted anti spam service

Hosted email security

Hosted spam filter

Hosted spam filtering

Icewarp spam filter

Isp antispam solution

Isp spam filter

Isp spam firewall

Linux spam filter

Mailenable spam filter

Mailchannels Alternative

Mimecast alternative

Office 365 anti spam

Office 365 spam filter

Outgoing email filtering

Outgoing smtp service

Outgoing spam filter

Plesk spam filter

Proofpoint alternative

Roaring Penguin Alternative

Scalix spam filter

Server anti spam filter

Server spam filter

Smart host email relay

Smart host smtp relay

Smarthost for exchange

Smtp relay service

Spambrella Alternative

Spam filter for exchange

Spam filtering service

Spamassassin alternative

Spamexperts alternative

Spamhero alternative

Spamtitan alternative

Webhost spam filter

Zimbra anti spam

Zimbra spam filter

Symantec Email Security Alternative

MX Guarddog Alternative

EveryCloud Alternative

Managed Email Security

Cloud Email Security

Mailscanner Alternative

MailCleaner Alternative

Ipswitch IMail Spam Filter

Mailwasher Alternative

Postfix Spam Filter

Qmail Spam Filter

Sendmail Spam Filter

Hexamail Spam Filter

Anti Spam Filter

Anti Spam for MSPs

Anti Spam for Service Providers

AntiSpam Filter

AntiSpam for Exchange

AntiSpam for Hosting

Business Spam Filter

MDaemon Spam Filter

Antispam Service

MailGuard alternative

Mailroute alternative

Exchange 2016 Spam Filter

Exchange 2013 Spam Filter

Exchange 2010 Spam Filter

Exchange 2007 Spam Filter

Domain Spam Filter

Cloud Based Anti Spam Service

Email Relay Service

Smarthost service

Smarthost provider

Junk Mail Filter

cPanel Anti-Spam Protection

Spam Protection for business

3rd Party Spam Filter

3rd party Spam Filter for Office 365

Prevent Spam Blacklisting

Email Archiving Service

Cloud Email Archiving

Email Archiving for Business

Exchange 2007 Email Archiving

Exchange 2010 Email Archiving

Exchange 2014 Email Archiving

Exchange 2016 Email Archiving

Office 365 Email Archiving

White Label Email Archiving

Corporate Email Archiving

Email Archiving Solution

cPanel/WHM Exim Smarthost Setup Guide



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A practical and cost effective solution for Corporate and SME applications. Rated for up to 50 domains and 500 email users.

  1. Up to 1 million emails/day
  2. Service up to 50 Domains
  3. Up to 500 Email Users
  4. 24/7 Customer Support
  5. 30 Day FREE Trial/Evaluation